A Mission Moment

Help a school distribute food in Haiti;  Lend a hand in Greenfield;
Bags for Bidwell;  Food Pantry in Adel

Philadelphia Christian Mission of Pignon 
This month, we will be focusing on the Philadelphia Christian Mission of Pignon in Haiti (PCMP). This school is where Pastor Jude does his work. He spoke at our church last month.

The current political and security crisis in Haiti has turned into a humanitarian emergency. Hunger is a daily struggle for many people. The school is asking for your help to provide food to be distributed to our brothers and sisters in the Fontaine community who are in desperate need. Your donation will directly fund the purchase of essential food items such as rice, beans, pasta, oil, and bouillon.

Here's a link to their website.

delivering foodPCMP school in Haiti

Help for Greenfield, Iowa
We are collecting donations to support recovery efforts in Greenfield, and plan to organize work crews to help where we can. Contact the church office to volunteer or donate.

tornado recovery

Bags for Bidwell
The Bidwell Pantry needs used grocery bags to help pantry guests carry their groceries. The bags can be paper, cloth, or the usual plastic. Since the pantry serves an average of 5,000 individuals a month and each shopper uses 2-3 bags, they need a lot of bags. There's a tub in the church entryway where you can put your donated bags. We plan to continue collecting these throughout the year, so please keep bringing them in.

paper sack
plastic bag
two cloth sacks; one is a converted t-shirt

Adel (Good Samaritan) Food Pantry
This month's personal item is laundry detergent.
Please place your donation in the marked tub in the church entryway.
Learn more about the food pantry here and here.

Good Samaritan Food Pantry - serving our neighbors since 1982laundry detergent