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Connecting - May 2024

Whirlwind of Changes

Dear Friends, 

The month of May this year seems to be filled with a whirlwind of changes, and so it is fitting that Pentecost arrives in May this year. On May 19th, we will hold not only Pentecost, which celebrates the beginning of the church 2000 years ago, but also Confirmation, which begins the faithful "YES" of the confirmands as their response to the Love of our God for themselves. In the history of the church, Pentecost has been one of the church holidays when people will be baptized or received into the membership of the church due to their connection to new life in Christ. In truth, Pentecost needs to be a time of reflection every year, as the Spirit blows and changes life through graduations, weddings, new summer jobs, baseball, and more! 

Another event that has just taken place is Earth Day. Each year, we are reminded of the ways our earth cycles and changes with the seasons. We see how the earth grows and changes as it recovers from both human-made and natural disasters. 

You may have heard that there will be a pastoral change this summer on July 1st. Bishop Kennetha Bigham-Tsai is moving me to a different appointment; I'll be the pastor at Williamsburg St. Paul's UMC. Once the bishop has announced a new appointment of a pastor to your church, we can officially say who the next pastor will be. Look for an announcement in the June newsletter. 

There will also be changes in our denomination that will happen gradually in the coming months from the General Conference being held now (4/23-5/3) in North Carolina. 

Change can lead us to grow and to try new things, ideas, or opportunities. Maybe that is why the United Methodist Church does not discourage proactive and discerned change. I am really grateful for all the opportunities that I have had to serve the people of Christ in so may different ways in my ministry in several different churches in the last 25 years. Each church has its special gifts and missions that the Holy Spirit leads toward spiritual growth in both individuals and in the church. Whenever people from the church start their spiritual pathway, they never walk it alone. There is always someone there to help you along the way. The key thing for each of us to remember is that we can pray and ask for help for each lesson. 

For this May, let's each look for the winds of change blowing our way. Let's listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit expressing the faith in us to grow and change with the times and the needs of our present world. Enjoy the May Flowers! 

Rev. Beth 

For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.' – JEREMIAH 29:11